March 9, 2012
You know what’s dangerous?

Getting white people excited about something.

This Kony guy may very well be dead, or inactive.

I thought it was interesting how the narrator of the video, whose name I did not catch, put his cute little boy in front of the camera. “Look at my cute, small son!” he seems to scream at us. “He knows Kony is evil! Give us money to fund a mission to stop him!”

I watched a video by a Ugandan woman tonight, he said that when she asked her parents about Kony, they laughed. It seems the people of Uganda have much bigger fish to fry. Hell, they might enjoy some fish to fry.

Last thought: You know, if he is this bad-ass warlord, someone is going to have to engage and kill his soldiers to get to him, and also, his soldiers are kidnapped children.

Second last thought: 30 bucks for a box of paper and two cheap bracelets? With tracking numbers? What are they doing, market research?

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